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In Due Time: Valentina Marie Blossoms

When my first daughter Jelly Bean passed away, I had to return back to work immediately.   Now that’s a whole different story and topic for another time but I couldn’t return to the Emergency Room on light duty.   Instead, I was sent to the Infectious Control department. From day one, my new light duty supervisor was amazing.   She would call me in her office to check on me.   She cared about my wellbeing.   We were stationed down the hall across from the chapel and she would tell me to feel free to take a walk when I needed a break.   When my light duty assignment was up, she gave me a small plant in a cut little box.   I called this my Jelly Bean plant. Up until that point it was the kindness gesture a complete stranger had ever showed me. Fast-forward to November 2018, literally hours before my water broke, I found this beautiful plant and I took it home. I hate to spoil it but it too became another plant in honor of my daughter. When I came home fro

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